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Anti-mould BDH-355M for shoes glue

Model No.︰BDH-355M
Brand Name︰BDH-355M
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description
Anti-mould BDH-355M is a very safe and high effective antimicrobial agent, with high safety to human and environment. BDH-355M is stable to heat. It is specially designed for adhesive with strong alkaline (such as natural emulsion with ammonia as a preservative), high content of starch, water-based adhesive easily get mould. Normal antimicrobial material loses effect in such a strong alkaline adhesive, while BDH-355M keeps working very well.
Another outstanding property of BDH-355M is that it protects the adhesive not only as in-can preservative, also when the adhesive gets dry and forms a film. Bacterial and molds in the emulsion can’t grow because they are inhibited by ammonia. But when the emulsion gets dry,  the ammonia is gone and the molds comes alive again. Products made by bonding leather/textile with adhesive such as shoes, bags easily get mould during storage or oversea shipping, under high temperature and humidity, one cause ignored is that the dry adhesive film absorbs humidity and becomes a good medium for growth of molds inside. Molds grow quickly from inside to the surface of product. At this moment, BDH-355M protects your products and gives no chance to molds to grow. The protection is long-lasting.
1.        Property:
Content:                heterocyclic compound
Active content(%):    ≥25
Appearance:             White suspension liquid
pH(25℃):             6.0~8.0
Particle size:         < 40(μm)
Suspension rate(%):   ≧90
Stability:             Stable under normal storage and under light. Disperse in water at any rate
2.        Advantage:
Strongly kills & inhibits fungus. Leads to no adaptability, long-lasting effect.
No volatilization, no hurt to environment.
Effective between pH3~10.
Stable under high temperature lower than 150.
Easily applied to product, non-flammable.
Low cost of antimicrobial.
3.        Antimicrobial effect
The Minimum Inhibit Content (MIC) to normal fungus
                 Fungi                               MIC(ppm)
Asp. Niger                           20
Penicillium citrinum                20
Penicillium funiculosum             30
Trichoderma viride                  20
Cladosporium herbarum               20
Paecilomyces varioti             30
Chaetomium globasum                 30

4.        Suggested dosage
BDH-355M is suggested to be applied to product at dosage of 0.5%. Adequate mixing and good dispersion in product will provide long-lasting antimicrobial effect.
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